Novorossiysk city, Ledneva str., 5 , office 806.


Group of companies «Galeas» offers its service in customs clearance of imported goods.

Our company works in the following ways:

– clearing of goods via Center of Electronic Declaration at Moscow regional customs;

– customs clearance in Novorossiysk.

In issues of customs clearance, we work not as a classic broker, clearing the goods at the border but we use a universal and reliable scheme that looks as follows: Moscow regional customs is the center of customs clearance meanwhile as points of border closure we have temporary customs storages located in Novorossiysk, Far East , Moscow region and other regions of Russian Federation. Our scheme of customs clearance provides a lot of advantages in comparison with classic approach of customs clearance at the border.

Group of companies «Galeas» guarantees it`s professional approach and efficient solutions in area of customs clearance.