Novorossiysk city, Ledneva str., 5 , office 806.


«Galeas» arranges storage of goods at temporary warehouse in customs zone and out of customs area in own storage facilities.

«Galeas» offers the following service:

– Handling of oversized cargo; loading/unloading by any type of machinery, loading/unloading of any types of wagons and containers;

– Consolidation of loads, storage of ordinary and hazardous loads in Novorossiysk, inventory control;

– Dealing with goods packed in any type of packaging- boxes, pallets, big-bags, barrels;

– Provision of material responsibility for entrusted cargo;

– Fulfill palletizing, packing, weighing, stickering, labeling of goods.

Our own storage in Novorossiysk together with our experience in logistics will satisfy your needs in storage and consignment of deliveries.