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Traditionally, one of the most-developed type of service provided by group of companies “Galeas” is transportation of hazardous loads by our own car-park. We have accredited vehicles and professional drivers having multi-year experience in hazardous cargo delivery.  Following the rules of hazardous cargo transportation, especially in international deliveries, we have gained reputation of a reliable partner.

We offer our clients the following service:

  • Route agreement and admission of cargo by Novorossiysk port
  • we checking available documentation for cargo and consult manufacturer how to issue documentation in correct form.
  • make special labeling in accordance with hazard class and requirements of the port security service.

While shipping of hazardous cargoes till Novorossiysk port we rely on the following official agreements:

ADR ( Agreement of Dangerous Goods by road ) – agreement of European states about Dangerous cargo transportation. Established by initiative of the United Nations. It is valid within territories of all European Union countries, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. Russian analogue of this agreement is called DOPOG (Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road).

IMDG – agreement about dangerous cargo transportation by sea.

RID – agreement about dangerous cargo transportation by railway.

List of documents for hazardous cargo transportation:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet;
  • IMO dangerous Goods Declaration;
  • Certificate of tare/packaging compliance according to IMDG Code;
  • Guarantee letter for utilization of hazardous cargo and its waists in case of emergency situation (issued by consignee/shipper/forwarder-depends on situation).
  • Agreement with port for hazardous cargo move-out.

Many companies prefer our company for transportation of hazardous cargo.

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